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This is an incredible time in which we live!
Be aware of what's going on in the church.
A great wave of apostasy is washing over the church and many are being seduced by new spirituality, the new apostolic reformation and new age teachings are infiltrating mainstream Christianity and carry with them great deception.
You may already be involved in such teachings, stop and examine.  Beware lest you be deceived.  I say this in all sincerity and love without attacking sincere believers who've been duped by all the new spiritualism, seductive music, ministries, etc.

Lighthouse Trails Research
for concise information on trends, teachings and philosophies in the church today.

Modest Feminine Clothing page updated


Childhood Sexual Abuse 
a resource for CSA - new links
The Welcome Home Blog - series


NOTICE:  Many things sayings, pictures, etc., etc.,  I receive in emails do not have credits to authors -- and if I post something that is not credited, I am not seeking to plagiarize the work---lack of credit is purely unintentional.  Copyright infringement is avoided whenever possible.  And most pieces I have posted on this site have been here for over a dozen years... long before Google could be used to thoroughly scour the web for authors; and, as much time's gone by and the website sprawled, I don't even remember the origin/receipt of all the poems, sayings, etc., etc. people have sent me through the years.
SO, If you know the author of a piece, *please* let me know so that I can credit the author and will do so right away.  I'm not in business, per se, here with this site... this site is purely a labour of love, for encouragement and edification of the body of Christ.   Again, things are innocently posted , as they're received in letters and emails.

Thank you for your understanding.  no need for big legal guns... I'm aim to be gracious.  You, too, please.

Trust in the Lord... obey His known commands, walk in the light He gives you, pray, sing, rejoice in Him.  Seek to know Him and His Word... as you seek Him, you *will* find Him if you seek Him with all your heart.  If it's been a long time since you spent time in prayer or reading the Bible or confessing and repenting of your sins before Him... today's the day... He will hear you when you call on Him... you will find Him when you seek Him.  When you go to meet with the Lord, you will find He's already there.
May God be with you, help you and comfort you... and may you always be blessed.


I've just had a major program incompatibility issue with my site design software...
so now there are even more page errors!  Please accept my apologies for these problems.
And I greatly appreciate the different mails I've received alerting me to broken links and bad sites.

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 "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths,
where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls."
Jeremiah 6.16a

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Thank you for the gracious comments we've received and the iron-sharpening-iron comments, too. We're grateful for the opportunity to make this site available to you, and pray the LORD will use it to help you in your walk with the LORD. 

Thank you for letting us know the things that have been most helpful to you. This really helps us know what to add, change or correct -- especially when you come across a link to site that's been changed or is no longer valid.  Occasionally domains are snatched up by people who have sick and ulterior motives.  Thank you for letting us know when links are bad... I'm not spending a lot of time redoing this site -- so I appreciate the blessings of reader's comments and suggestions.  May you always be blessed.

The Story of Timothy's Miracle

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One of my favourites... Wear Sunscreen

As you can see by the format, this is a very old website... antiquated in many ways, it was originally created using a now outdated method and format... but I've enjoyed this labour of love and have worked on it for many years.  You will find many obsolete links -- as people have moved on, websites are defunct, and/or have gone to the "blog format" or other venues.  Still, I hope you'll find some information and ideas that will be of help and encouragement to you.  Thank you for coming by today.  It's extremely difficult to keep up with links to websites, articles and / or products.  When others make website changes, rename files, have biz failures, change to blog formats or when they simply stop maintaining their sites, our links go dead. It's annoying, I know.  And so it goes.

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