In a perfect world, little girls would not be sexually abused, they would not be used, they would not be harmed.  But we live in a sin-sick, fallen world and unthinkable things happen and there are no perfect answers to the situations women have faced --- but when sexualabuse is faced, is accepted and acknowledged for the ugly, painful, damaging, hurtful thing is it, I believe steps to healing can begin to be taken. I believe most all mamas and daddys want to protect little girls from harm and, if they understand (experientially or know to do so) they want to protect their little girl's innocence so they'll grow and mature into healthy, strong and emotionally secure women -- but sometimes things happen to little girls that mamas and daddys don't know about -- and little girls learn to hide, learn shame, denial, fear.  If they've been hurt already or have been affected by sexualabuse, please listen to them, please walk with them as they heal and develop strong, healthy attitudes toward others, security regarding future intimacy, about right relationships and appropriate responses, about friendships, trust and self confidence issues. 

More of my thoughts and more links here: Childhood Sexual Abuse .

Why do so many sites and organizations have a similar message or name? 
Stop the Silence, Just Tell, I am gonna tell, Silent no more
and my own site and story: I'm Telling On You.  

It's like this:  We all were told virtually the same thing by our abuser:  Don't tell. Don't tell anyone... This will be our little secret.  We don't want to tell anyone else about this, okay, sweetie?  You'd better not tell anyone about this little incident.  Nothing really happened.  We're not going to make a big deal about this, okay?  Don't tell...

And we grew up with the lie.  We lived with the lie: "Don't tell."   And most of us wanted to die with, or because of, the  bondage of the "Don't tell" lie. 

You can see/read more of my thoughts and more links here: ChildhoodSexualAbuse .

We all have the same story and because somewhere along the way we mustered up the courage to tell someone... Our message, collectively, is: Don't remain silent ANY longer.

 Tell  SOMEONETELL someone!!

If you are, or someone you know is, being sexually abused:




~Mary DeMuth~
Opening the Door to Healing
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Stop The Silence

Just Tell  "
Just Tell was created to educate and empower children and adults around the issue of childhood sexual abuse. Through the kids’ pages, we encourage children who are being sexually abused to choose an adult in their life who they trust, and to tell that adult about the abuse."

I Am Gonna Tell "This website was designed to educate, inspire and help people commit to reporting sexual abuse.   One person can make a difference and together we can achieve so much more. "

Recovery From Abuse

A book: The Door Of Hope Jan Frank
This book was extremely helpful to me as I struggled with fear and regret, with shame over past abuse.  It helped me also, to talk personally with the author, Jan Frank, and to have her listen to me as I shared my story and to have her valuable insight and input for coping with things, with accepting healing from the past, with dealing with responses to  intimacy issues.  
Jan Frank's Website: