Good Things Gift Baskets
You're encouraged to use these ideas as a springboard for your own creativity! 
Not everything in each category is meant to be added to the basket---these are just ideas!

This page is dedicated to ideas you can use to make up Gift Baskets to give at any occasion...
not just birthdays and anniversaries, but graduations, housewarmings, holidays and more!!
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Tea time Basket
Tea pot, tea cups/saucers, Teas, sugar cubes, tea ball
Small pretty spoons, Placemats, napkins
Tea cookies, tiered plate holder with pretty plates
Tea party plates, small knives for spreading
Tea biscuits, butter cookies, lemon curd
Note cards, doilies, paper doilies
Scented jar candles, rose bud vase

"Come for Coffee" basket
Coffee pot, coffee thermos
Mugs or coffee cups, "mug rugs" or coasters
Flavoured coffees, creamers, stirrers, sugar cubes
Chocolate dipped spoons, flavoured sugars,
Chocolate syrup, flavoured syrups
Sugar bowl/creamer; tray for coffee time treats

Quiet time basket
Basket with handle filled with:
Bible, devotional book, Hymnal
Journal, note pads, sticky notes, pretty pens
Coloured pencils, book marks Note cards, stamps, address booklet
Scented candle, lighter, lap blanket, coffee mug

Student’s Basket   or  *Care Package*
Fill a waste basket *or* back pack with:
Small flexible desk lamp, desk calendar
Pen/pencil holder; picture frame, clock,
Clock radio, wall calendar
Bible, Devotional, Day planner, notebook
Dictionary, thesaurus, writer’s handbook,
Notebook paper, graph paper, typing paper
Felt tipped pens, gel pens, pencils, coloured pencils,
Sharpies, ruler, protractor, calculator, erasers,
Page protectors, dividers, tablets, hole punch,
Pencil/pen pouch, glue, glue sticks, glitter glue,
Duct tape, wide tape, scotch tape,
Gum, candy bars, trail mix, granola bars, mints

Gardener's basket
Use a large terra cotta plant pot for a "basket". You sponge paint or you
can personalize the pot by painting it with acrylic paints. When the paint
is dry, spray a light coat of polyurethane over the pot.
Fill the pot with:
gardening gloves, gardeners mat
hand trowel, sun hat, hand rake, apron to hold tools
a selection of vegetable and/or flower seeds
bottle of liquid fertilizer, a gardening book,  seed catalogs
a subscription for a gardening magazine

Use a large pasta bowl for a "basket"
Fill the bowl with:
a package or two of gourmet pasta tongs
a package of sun-dried tomatoes
extra-virgin olive oil, jar of pasta sauce
Some Italian spices: oregano, basil, garlic powder
a collection of your favorite pasta recipes hand-printed on recipe
cards  and/or a pasta cookbook

For the crafter
Use a rubber storage container for a "basket"
Fill the container with:
glue gun and glue sticks, craft glue
acrylic paints & assorted brushes paint pens
small nails, small hammer
Wooden items to paint
other craft supplies such as beads, pom-poms, wood sticks, buttons,
stickers,dried flowers, etc.,  craft patterns or how-to books

Fill a small "desk basket" with:

note cards, note paper
envelopes (choose a variety of sizes)
note papers with matching envelopes
letter opener, a pen or a pen and pencil set
a personalized seal and some sealing wax
personalized return address labels

For the photo nut:
Fill a basket or a camera bag with:
assorted film, coupons for picture developing
filters for his/her camera
lens cleaning solution and cloth
assorted picture frames and/or albums
Digital Camera - DVD's or CD's, Memory Card/chip

How about a lounging bath basket
Fill the basket with:
a big fluffy towel, hand-towel, washcloth, bath slippers, robe
A "neck pillow", a gel eye-pack, Scented bath salts or bubble bath
aroma therapy oils, scented candles, books on tape (to listen to in the bath)
a hand-held massager, loofa sponge, relaxing music on CD or cassette

Children's Colouring basket or box
fill a picnic basket or
a Rubbermaid storage box with:
crayons (get the big package with tons of colors)
non-toxic markers, stamping markers
assorted papers, include a variety of colors and textures
coloring books,assorted stickers
a paint box and brushes
a dad's old dress shirt or an apron

For the sports nut, use a sports helmet or cap for a "basket"
Their team's baseball cap, football helmet, etc.).
Fill the helmet or hat with:
sports cards, baseball, puck, etc.
shoe, boot or skate laces
for the hockey player, add: lace tightener and some tape
for the baseball player, add: mineral oil, batting glove and gum
a sports video, a subscription to a sports magazine
a poster of their favorite player

For the newly wed or first-timer in an apartment
Use a tool box as a "basket".
Fill the box with:
screw drivers, wrench, hammer, pliers,
assorted nails, screws, washers, duct tape
gift certificate for the local hardware store or
      home improvement center, a do-it-yourself book
assorted odds and ends, such as light bulbs,
spackle compound, plunger, paint brushes

For the guitar player:
Fill the basket with:
assorted picks, tuning fork, kaypo, sheet music
CDs or cassettes of great guitar players
guitar strings, electronic tuner, lesson books, music stand

The Grandma's Basket:
  Fill a basket with:
children's artwork, letters, children's current photographs in a "brag-book"
gifts made by the children, framed family portraits, film or a disposable camera,
videos of the family if g'parents have vcr, a long-distance phone calling card
Extras: fill out the basket with candy, coffees, teas, cookies,
hot chocolate mix, candles, make the treat you loved as a child
and send back to them! 

New Baby Basket
Fill a car seat or a baby bathtub with baby items:
baby book, bottles, bottle brush, bibs, diapers, hats, baby pins, booties,
blankets, sheets, outfits, soaps, creams, ointments, powder, baby towel
nightlight, music box, baby sling, baby swing, baby carrier, lamp
teddy bear, undershirts, plastic pants, gift certificate for diaper service!

Another idea for the crafter "new project basket"
fill a basket or a rubber/plastic box with:
grape vine wreath, pine cones, dried flowers, eucalyptus branches
hot glue gun and glue sticks, florist's tape, wire, wreath hanger, ribbon, raffia, white glue

The  "build a sundae" basket
Fill a basket with:
ice cream scoop, gourmet sauces, sprinkles, cones, maraschino cherries, assorted nuts,
sundae glasses and spoons, coupons for gourmet ice cream

Use a cookie tin or cookie jar for a "basket"

Fill the tin or cookie jar with:
your favorite cookie recipes written on pretty cards
   or a Cookie Cook book, cookie cutters, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips
nuts, cooling racks, decorator icing set/ frosting bags and tips, assorted sprinkles

Soup or Chili "Basket"

Fill a stock pot or pottery casserole dish with:
assorted dried beans: kidney, black, white, navy, pinto, etc.
dried red chili peppers, canned tomatoes
chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, garlic
Soup or chili recipes, ladle long wooden spoon, oven mitts

Indoor fun basket:
decks of specialty game cards (Rook, Pit, OldMaid)
cribbage board playing cards & score pads
Word search or crossword books and pencil
Hot Chocolate mix, marshmallows, mugs
Puzzles, Backgammon, Poetry book, Family videos
Oil lamp and oil & matches

Hair care basket for the bathroom counter
Fill a basket with:
salon shampoo and conditioner, hair net,
sponge rollers, hair brush and/or combs, barrettes, hair combs, scrunchies, banana clips,
clips, bows, pins, butterflies, A book on hair styling, hand mirror, pretty towel

For a baby shower gift
Fill a baby bathtub with:
hooded towel, apron for mother, wash cloth, rubber ducky
baby shampoo, baby soap, baby powder and lotion, stretch sleeper

For the writer/author ;-)
Fill a basket or briefcase with:
certificate for a bookshelf, lined note pads, an engraved pen
reference books (dictionary, thesaurus, quotes, how-to books)
pocket tape recorder and tapes, style guide, references for publishers

Use a cosmetic bag for a personal care "basket
Fill the bag with:
nail polish, clear coat, emery boards, nail clippers, French manicure set,
nail brush, cuticle remover, nail file, nail polish remover, cotton balls

Make a children's beach pack

Fill a plastic pail with:
(Write the child's name & pictures on the bucket with a paint pen)
plastic shovels, cups, sand molds, beach ball, Frisbee, beach towel, mats
rubber thongs, sunglasses, sunscreen (adult's and children's)
(new spray sunscreen works great!)

An "encouragement basket"
teddy bear, small plant, small picture in a frame
coffee mug,hot chocolate mixes, bedtime stories other good books
CD's or tapes, candies, pretty tea cup, specialty tea bags, lace doilies, candles, mints,
New Testament w/ Psalms and Proverbs, Scripture cards

For the student or family desk
use a rubber garbage can as a "basket"
Fill the can with:
stapler, staples, staple puller, tacks, paper clips, pens, pencils
notepads, post-it's. white-out, holepunch, desk lamp, desk calendar

A sewing basket

basic sewing book of techniques
needles, threader, assorted threads, pins, safety pins, snaps, hooks 'n eye's
thimble, sewing scissors, pin cushion, measuring tape, tracing wheel and paper

Cake decorator's "basket"
Use a cake pan as a "basket"
Fill the pan with:
pot holders, parchment paper, frosting bags and assorted frosting tips
decorative frosting paste set, assorted sprinkles and nuts
baking recipes, cake plate, cake server

For little people, use a children's lunch-pail

fat pencils pencil toppers, decorated pencils
colored pencils, rulers, stapler
plastic stencils which let them draw stars, circles, etc.
children's scissors

The chocolate lover's basket

Fill a basket with:
chocolate cookies (home baked is best), chocolate bon-bons,
 truffles, chocolate sauces, chocolate syrup, chocolate dipped coffee spoons
Hot chocolate mix, chocolate covered candies/nuts, Cook book of chocolate recipes

For the cat lover (?) use a cat basket
Fill it with:
food and water dishes
collar, kitty food, brush, catnip ball, rubber ball, rubber mice or other cat toys
book caring for cats, toys, a cat calendar, kitty litter, kitty snacks

And then, for the dog lover:
Fill the a large dog bowl with:
squeaky toy, rawhide bone, dog biscuits, dog brush, dog collar, leash

You can fill the baskets, boxes, tins, hats, etc., by first filling them with:
shredded paper, a towel, coloured cellophane "grass" or crumpled tissue paper.
Wrap things in a piece of fabric and set in straw,raffia Then carefully arrange your
items over top of the filler.

Add to, change or just use any of the ideas listed here for making up your
own baskets.  Add a card, daily devotional, Bible verses, bookmarks,
highlighters etc!   There are way too many ideas!

For any kitchen gift...A large bowl with a coordinating napkin or a
dishtowel, works well.

In food baskets, use bright napkins, bandanas, or dish towels or table
cloths.  You can tie a couple of utensils or wooden spoons or wire whisk
with raffia or a ribbon tied around them.

If you don't have a basket, use a decorated or stenciled bag for your "container."
Tie it closed with ribbon or a strip of fabric for a "country" look.
Put little fabric toppers tied with twine, raffia or ribbon under the jar
band on gifts in jars (like the cookies in a jar).


When we attended a local church, there was an annual "Church Auction" where many items are auctioned off
in a silent or "live" auction.  Every year there are at least a few baskets donated that fetch a very high price. 
One such basket is the Setzer Family's  "The Bounty of the LORD is Plenteous" basket. 
 It is actually a crate (homemade) filled with all kinds of home canned and home baked goods...
everything ranging from pickles, jam, jellies, to breads, fruit, and vegetables.  
It was ALWAYS  *T*H*E* prize of the auction

Perhaps YOU have a specialty that others would love to receive...
Why not package it in a basket and give it as a gift of love today!!!

Many blessings from

 The Welcome Home!

pamela spurling 2001