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                                           Shopping Lists & Notebooks

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into sections. Then in each section, write down the name of the store where you buy groceries, toiletries, hardware, clothing, craft & school supplies. I have made up one such sheet on the computer so that I can print out a new one each time I need to. Anyway---at any given point, I just put the needed item on the sheet and take it along when we are out driving and if funds allow for the purchases to be made, I have the items listed on one sheet.  I either clip it to the inside of my notebook or post it on the fridge... plus,  I have a duplicate section in my notebook for lists and needed clothing and household items. You can do anything like this---just doing something to plan ahead will put you miles and dollars ahead!  I will share more about this soon.

Early in our marriage, I saw my mother in law keep a "running list." Each time she would use an item in preparing dinner, or baking, or whatever, she would write it down on the list. All this goes along with what I have shared with you about having a well stocked pantry so that you will be able to quickly prepare meals and treats without having to always run to the store each time.

More later........................