Where do I start?  by pamela spurling

The wonderful thing I have learned is that with regular cleaning, EVERY cleaning job is easier every time... it's so much easier to clean a clean home!!!


Get a tablet and go into every room.

On that tablet, write down every single chore and idea for that room.  *Every singe* idea* that comes to your mind.  Do this in every single room and hallway and entryway/porch of your home. Think of everything... windows, window sills, baseboards, books, shelves, nic nac's, lamp globes, carpet, sofa cushions, chair legs, smoke alarm batteries, door knobs, piano keys, curtains, blinds, etc.

Then sit down with a cup of tea... on every page of your room by room notes, next to each listed item, write down when you 'normally' clean or fix up or water or rearrange that room or item. Then write an initial by the item when it *should* be cleaned. If you normally wash your curtains every two years, perhaps think about washing them bi-annually... next to curtains you would put "b-a."  If you normally clean your fridge bi-monthly, perhaps you ought to clean it weekly... next to fridge, you would put a "w." Then a "b-m" so that you will thoroughly deep clean it bi-monthly. If you never clean your ceiling fan blades, you might consider putting an "m" by it and clean it monthly.

  • Then on a clean sheet... write down your list of rooms and list the items to be done daily, room by room.
  • A second clean sheet... write down your list of rooms and list the items to be done weekly, room by room.
  • A third sheet... monthly.
  • A fourth sheet... bi-monthly.
  • A fifth sheet... bi-annually.
  • A sixth sheet... annually.
  • A seventh sheet is a list of ALL the things that need to be done, fixed, purchased, etc., around your home...everything! eg: paint fence, buy lamp, trim hedge, reline shelves, fix screen, caulk shower, ... whatever.

If you make these in chart form, you can print them, put them in a binder divided into seven sections.

(There just happen to be a zillion binders/dividers on sale right now!!!!!)

You refer to these sections and at the first of each month lay out what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. This is easily done on the computer... and even works for women who are very sporadic haphazard random goof-off's like me.  Seriously. 

This is similar to the card method... only if the card box gets bumped off the counter, you have a mess. This way you can tuck the notebook on your shelf next to your family log book, your planner... cookbooks, etc.

You may want to think of buying a large white board and daily writing down the chores of the day and erase as you go.  I have written on a white board in *permanent ink* the dailies and refer to them if necessary... then in another section of the white board, I have lots of room for all the children's chores, etc.

If you do nothing else... try to start a daily routine... and work to live with it for a few weeks... then incorporate and implement more and more until you are comfortable with it all.

Everyday... rise and make your bed, potty, have a time alone with the LORD,  keep your bathroom counter neat, and your kitchen counter neat and try to keep putting everything away that you take out.  Little by little you will see daily progress that will motivate you more and more.

God bless you as you work in your home.

pamela spurling - 2001 - achristianhome.org

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