Sew A Jar Topper


Fabric "toppers" for glass gallon jars are a nice
way to decorate your kitchen inexpensively! 


Here are some simple instructions and pictures to show you how easy it is to sew these toppers. 
You will need: Fabric, scissors, threaded sewing machine, double-fold bias tape, and baby elastic.


Cut an 8.5" circle of Fabric. 
I use a *salad* plate for my pattern.

I fold over and sew double fold bias tape
around the edge of the circle.

I sew around the circle
folding the bias tape over
as I stitch it.

I sew the bias tape all around the edge
making sure I stay close to the inner edge
of the tape.  This way I "catch" the under
edge also and there will be no fraying.

I clip the bias tape, leaving an inch
which I fold under and stitch down to
make a finished continuous edge.

Finished edge.  Now I am ready to turn the
topper over and begin sewing the elastic.

Next, I take a piece of baby elastic (8" long) and
begin "zi-zag" stitching it 3/4" from the edge, 
backstitching first stitches to secure the elastic. 

I stretch the elastic as I zig-zag it in
place as I go around the circle
always staying 3/4" or so from the edge.

Now, I have
the baby elastic
around the
of the fabric,
and have
it to secure it in
place, so then,
I cut off the
excess elastic.

There, I have another completed jar topper
ready to take to the kitchen! These toppers
will last for years and I'll toss them in the
wash occasionally to keep them looking fresh!

Because I have several circles and several
lengths of elastic and bias tape "pre-cut" I
can move on to the next topper and have
many sewn in a short time!


If you make several of these, do all the circles at the same time and edge them all and then do all the elastic... and then sew on a piece of ribbon or a bow or whatever.  I used to keep a length of ribbon around each jar lid, too... but with so many jars--60 or so... keeping the ribbons tied neatly around each one was cumbersome. 

This takes practice---but after you make a few, they go really fast!  It's worth taking time and making them well---I've had some of the jar-toppers for 20 years.  Fabric with a little polyester makes the colour stay.  Inexpensive calico cotton ones fade and don't look the same after a couple of years---less if your kitchen is sunny.  But... maybe you like to change your kitchen decor!!   I have never really wanted anything other than a blue and white kitchen---so all the fabrics have always been in that theme.  Beau-tility.  That's what the jars are.

Make everything your home Beautiful and Useful ---- That's Beautility!