February 29, 2008
Jinja, Uganda

Dear friends and family,

I made it into Uganda on Wednesday morning about 8:30am.  The flights were great…for me.  My friend, Julie, on the other hand, had the worst travel experience ever.  We were supposed to meet in London and fly together to Entebbe.  Her flight from Chicago to London was cancelled due to bad weather.  To make a long story short, she finally arrived in Uganda Wednesday night.  After the long trip, a full day at the baby cottage, and three 3-hour trips to or from the airport in one day, I was exhausted and so slept pretty well. 

I can’t even express to you the feeling of stepping off the plane onto African soil, once again.  As we walked through the Amani gate, a million thoughts and emotions overwhelmed me.  I have to admit, I wondered if Weiss, the one I had missed the most, would even remember me.  My fears were unnecessary, as usual; the first one to spot me and run to my open arms was none other than my boy!

He yelled “Auntie Kathryn” and flashed the best grin in the world!  Needless to say, he hasn’t been very far from my lap the last couple of days.  J

Anna, the little girl with whom I spent the most time my first month here last year, is running around with the toddlers now.  She actually lives here in Jinja, with her mommy-to-be, but spends a good amount of time with her little friends at the cottage.  They hope to complete the adoption process within the next couple of months. 

We’re currently living out in a village a couple of miles from town.  Because of the distance, it has become a necessity to ride motorcycles into town.  I avoided these “Pikis” like the plague the 3 months I was here last time and ended up walking everywhere.  I’m getting used to them, but it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone.  The roads obviously leave a lot to be desired, so I always pray for a driver who will try to avoid the ruts and potholes.  This morning was a little sketchy…I had to simply focus on the goal in front on me; stay on, don’t scream, and try not to slide into the driver while holding onto the seat under me for dear life! J  

I am humbled by this opportunity from God.  He has blessed me soooo much!  I pray that he would continue to pull me out of the box of my perspective that I might be used fully. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  I miss you all but am thrilled to be back with these kids who definitely have a piece of my heart. 

My mom is graciously sending these letters to you on my behalf, but if you’d like to write, feel free to send emails to kathrynspurling@yahoo.com.  Though I can’t promise a prompt reply, I would love to hear from you!  Thanks!


Here is my address in Uganda:

Kathryn Spurling
c/o Amani Baby Cottage
P.O. Box 1799
Jinja, Uganda
East Africa


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