Jinja, Uganda
March 1, 2007

Hey Dad,    and Mom too! ;-)

Thanks so much for the “sumptin” in the inbox! ;-) Did I sound that desperate for email?! Sorry - Lol!  

I loved talking to you all this morning. It was wonderful to hear that the boys were out playing in the snow. The mundane things of life are what I love to hear about.  By the way, my cell phone is on me pretty much all the time so feel free to call whenever you need to… 

We’re enjoying cooler days here with a few thunderstorms thrown in. I’ve stopped running outside every time it rains. I couldn’t help myself the first few times, but now, the thought of trying to clean the red mud off of my clothes is enough to keep me inside! ~smile~  A few of the volunteers tease about [baby] Anna being so attached to me, but I finally explained to them that I will never turn a child away NO MATTER WHAT! Yes, she does cry when I leave every night, but why should I deny attention and love just so that she’ll keep quiet!? One of the girls said that she’ll just get used to that and be spoiled. Get used to being loved? I can’t blame her for wanting to be held. Because most think she’s too clingy, I’m one of the only ones who’ll pick her up.

When I come in every day, the mamas affectionately call out to Anna, saying that her mother is here!
~smile~  Love it, love it, love it! 

I’ve been cooking more lately, which has been FUN! It’s sometimes hard to find the proper ingredients or to figure out the gas oven, which has no temp setting, but it’s always worth the try. My first week here, I only had the physical and mental energy to make sandwiches for my meals, but now that I’ve figured out how to barter in the market, I have many more options. I think I told you about making scones a couple of nights ago. Well, last night, my friend Julie, from Oregon, talked me (easily ~smile~) into teaching her to make them. We get along really well! God has brought this team together in an amazing way. The nine of us are all so different, yet there haven’t been any serious problems. 

Oh, I meant to explain the whole market vs. grocery store thing. For canned items, bread, juice, etc., we go to a supermarket such as the one you saw in my pictures. For everything fresh, we shop at an out-door market. My first experience with the out-door market was overwhelming and terrifying, but I’ve gotten used to it now. I will upload pictures soon, if possible. I am a little concerned that my camera will be ripped out of my hands, despite being told that it is perfectly safe to take pictures in the market.

I’d better close now. The kids are sleeping now, which is why I am able to be away from the baby home. Thanks for writing so faithfully, it means everything to me!


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