Kathryn’s Letters

Jinja, Uganda
April 14, 2008

Dear friends and family,

My time is winding down here in Jinja, though I feel as if I’ve just arrived.  I fly out two weeks from today so I’m trying to make the most of everything.

We’ve been back to the orphanage out in Iganga, Faith Children’s Home, a few more times in the past couple of weeks.  A couple of days after my previous update, we brought beans, rice, and a shirt or dress for each of the 70 kids. 

Because they typically eat corn flour mush (posho) for every meal, they were pretty excited to have beans.   Unfortunately, being that there are so many kids, what we brought only lasted a few meals —but they were so grateful… I’m humbled by their joy and love for us. 

Later that week, through God’s provision of funds, we were able to get mosquito nets for them and de-worming pills for each child.  I am constantly amazed by the way God is providing for each next need.  I feel privileged and humbled that He’s allowed me to see this all and participate in the work there at FACHO

As we prepared to leave, the ladies insisted that we stay a few more minutes as they danced and sang for us.  They then gathered around, and prayed for each one of us.  I couldn’t keep tears from my eyes as I knelt down on the dirt, hands covering my head and shoulders.  These women have seen and been through so much, they work sun up to sun down…yet here they were singing, dancing, smiling, and praying for me! I’ve gotta say that reality and this new perspective hit me like a freight train. 

I caught a glimpse of God and love in their eyes that day and understood then that, while we pity “these poor people” and thank God that we were blessed with a comfortable life in America, we honestly don’t have a clue what life really means, who God is, and how to love.

I must admit that it’s sometimes hard to go back to Amani when I realize that there are a million and one other needs and opportunities.  It’s like trying to be content with the zoo once you’ve been on an incredible safari.    Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids at Amani so much, but they are well taken care of, they have good clothes, and food is always on the table…it’s nice to take a step back and see the real Africa. 

I still spend afternoons at Amani and help with dinner, baths and bedtime in the toddler house.  The days are sweet!  :-)

Thank you, once again, for the honor of sharing this with you.  God has given me an incredible gift… I am humbled!  May you see His love and blessings today!



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