Jinja, Uganda
April 26, 2008

Dear friends and family,  

In less than 48 hours, I will board a plane for home and this incredible chapter will come to a close.  I am still so amazed that God would grant me this opportunity to see and be a part of a life and work that is beyond what any of us could imagine!

 Last year, the devastation over leaving this place and these people with whom I’d spent so much time and grown to truly love was overwhelming.  I believe that, in coming back, God helped me to pick up the pieces and complete the journey I started last February.

I have peace because my passion is not Africa…it is God, and God alone.

Africa is simply something my Savior allowed me to see and be a part of but it does not define me or give me purpose.  When I allow my focus to shift from Him to the work He’s given me, I lose perspective and everything falls apart. 

I went out to Faith Children’s Home Orphanage yesterday to visit one last time and say goodbye.  Looking into the eyes of each child, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that, while I came to help and bless, I am the one who received the blessing.

In no way am I saying that my heart won’t hurt when I leave.  While the road is taking me back home, these beautiful children will forever be a part of my heart.

 I will be spending the afternoon at Amani.  It is bittersweet because I know that even if I come back some day, most of these kids will be gone.  Like I talked about last year, I wouldn’t trade this all for anything in the world.  I gave all I had and don’t regret it for a moment.

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support, it has carried me!   May God reveal to you His heart and purpose today.   

Blessings and love,



Use Me Here, where I am, I'm not gonna pray anymore that You'll change Your plans.  Despite my fear, I place my life in Your hands.  The future can wait, tomorrow might be too late, so Jesus use me here.”


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