The sites below offer modest clothing & patterns at reasonable prices. We pray you'll support these Christian sites, they're mostly family or cottage industries promoting modest apparel at modest prices.
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Though I no longer need maternity clothing, I'm thinking *you!* might be looking for some cute new clothes!
Younger women will appreciate the designs & maternity clothes she offers.
The Modest Mom ♥ Deborah&Company

...a page of encouragement, instruction & inspiration.
Here's a place you can visit to be
inspired to make sweet, pretty things.

sewing patterns, lovely fabrics, beautiful handcrafted clothing and more.
recommended to me by Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses
new here!
Marie Madeline Studio

Modest Handmaidens
Modest handmaidens is a home-based, Christian cottage industry seeking to  reach ladies who have the desire to honor the godly principles of modest dress. 

Made with Love
Bobbie Sue Johnson and Tabitha Quinn
specialize in sewing modest clothing.
Made with

Simply Graceful
We have the highest respect for the owners  of Simply Graceful.  They offer beautifully modest clothing for little girls & young ladies and jumpers for women. Please contact them for clothing or candle orders...

Occasionally there are delays in orders, please be forbearing
as this family is working under difficult circumstances.

jumpin bloomers
"modest clothing for girls of all ages"
jumpers, bloomers, aprons, and
old-fashioned nightgowns.

Plain 'n Simple Headcoverings 
Proclaim the plain and simple truth
that you are a woman of God...
much more than simply a head covering site

The Play Dress
playdress banner
fabrics, patterns and notions

Katie's Mercantile
Ready Made Comfortable Modest
Clothing for Women and Children

Practically Pretty
Modest, Feminine Clothing
for Young Ladies

Mom of 9's Place presents:



Ringger Clothing
Custom made Modest Clothing
for your family


This site is an inspiration for your
sewing & quilting!
Home & Heritage Designs
you'll be blessed and encouraged in your
sewing as you view instructions & illustrations.  Quilting kits.

The Vermont Country Store
Modest Dresses and Jumpers


~ Practical Femininity ~
Old Fashioned Elegance


Common Sense Patterns
A place for you to buy patterns for your whole family that are modest & feminine for women, conservative in appearance & style!  Bubbling Creek, Friends Patterns, Prairie Clothing and more.  I'm sure you'll be pleased with this company!

Some of the prettiest and most reasonably priced clothing you'll find online.  View modest women's dresses, skirts & dress clothes online or you can write for a catalogue to be sent to your home.

Modest Apparel USA
Dresses, Jumpers 
& Nursing Dresses
plus, you can order the book
by Elizabeth Rice Handford  
"Your Clothes Say It For You"

Lilies of the Field
These dresses are for girls, young ladies and women and are so pretty and modest.  They also have a few other items of clothing (scarves, headcoverings, and sweaters, petticoats) available. The catalog has "black & white" drawings & descriptions, and views of fabrics and finished dresses in the center.   You'll like the quality and service and the ability to "custom order" to meet special needs.  You can request a catalog, that contains colour photos:  Lilies of the Field 
6809 West Mills Ave.  Hutchinson, KS  67501-8895

modest  underpinnings & swim-wear

Meant to be Modest
Swimwear for Ladies and Girls

Swim Modest
modest swim suits and swim shirts

Stitchin' Times
modest slips and swimwear
a home-based sewing and fabrics business.

 Wholesome Wear 
SWIMMING SUITS  "Modest Clothing for Wearever"


Modest Clothing Patterns

Homestead  Specialties Patterns are sewing patterns for women's and girls creative clothing designed by Cheryl Weiderspahn.  They feature reversible and detachable pieces for multiple wearing options and possibilities.

The Paisley Pincushion

Sense & Sensibility  Winsome Clothing patterns with an old fashioned appeal

Past Patterns
Great!!: Common Sense Patterns:  

Friends Patterns     Candle on the Hill patterns    
  Lilies of the Field    
Quiltware Embellishments and Patterns   
Jumpers at   

Quick Stitches - Sewing Kits

(Second Hand) Rose...
I cannot afford to buy ready-made clothing from retail stores for the most part -- so I only occasionally shop in a "retail store."  But I really prefer the quality of some designer's clothing and therefore, I look for WELL MADE clothing -- including home-sewn clothing.  I have some especially favourite brands of dresses and skirts that I *know* work really well for us --- women and girls.  Below are the brands I always look for to purchase modest clothes for myself and our daughters

And, by the way, for our boys and men, I look for brand names such as Eddie Bauer, Levi's, Land's End, Old Navy, Gap, Bugle Boy, Carhartt, etc., etc.  The fabrics used are generally of heavier gauge or weight and the stitching, snaps & buttons are better or much higher quality.  If *I* am doing the buying, I never buy trendy or what I call cheap or "one season" clothes.  IMHO:  They're a tremendous waste of money and never look that nice after the first washing.

amelia    amelia2
Amelia in her sweet little April Cornell (from the Cornelloki collection) dress... helping papa at work on a pool.  :o)

What do I personally wear & what do I look for when shopping for clothes at Second Hand / Thrift Stores?

I look for these favourites:

April Cornell - Dresses, Sweaters, Blouses!

AKS  - Straight Jumpers
Erika, Erika & Co. 
- Dresses, Jumpers

Christopher & Banks - Skirts, Jumpers, Sweaters

Carole Anderson
- Dresses (the straight dresses
tend to run narrow at the hips - so choose size according
to your body shape)

- tops, sweaters, skirts
Sostanza - Dresses
Dress Barn -dresses
Worldly Design - Jumpers (porcelain buttons)
appear to be "homemade"

Coldwater Creek - dresses, skirts, blouses

StoryBook Heirlooms  (this store has gone out of business. )
So if you find a Pettiblouse (A full length petticoat/blouse/dress
that you wear under a jumper) -- and it fits you: buy it!! :o)

LLBean - jumpers, sweaters, T-shirts
LandsEnd - T-shirts, Jackets, shoes

Rieker - Shoes; 
 Ecco - Shoes;  Clark's - shoes
Birkenstock - Shoes    Arcopedico - Shoes


Retail & Online Stores where I've found beautiful & feminine clothing

April Cornell

When our son got married, I wore an April Cornell dress from a quaint shop in LaConner, Washington.  It's still one of my favourites and one of the nicest dresses I've ever owned. You can take a look at this company's beautiful and very feminine dresses!  They're a little pricey, but very well made - they will outlast your other dresses -- both in quality and style.  You'll also find beautiful things for your home!   I always look for these dresses when I go thrift-store shopping -- and especially for our girls -- the dresses are perfect and beautifully feminine.

I received this beautiful letter in our Guestbook from April Cornell.

Thank you for the lovely mention of my designs on your site. We are receiving some very nice referrals because of it, for which I am grateful. As many women have also experienced, my life has had some major transitions in the past few years. As I move into a new phase, I have chosen to remain very committed to my company and the designs we create so that I can provide support and funding to The Giving World Foundation. The first half of life was about building and raising a family. The fruits of those labors are that I can give back now. I appreciate the support your mention of our clothing is doing to help the less fortunate we are able to serve through the foundation."
--- April Cornell

Beautiful Girls Dresses & Clothing
Cornelloki (By April Cornell)
and other styles sold here:

you'll have to locate a shop nearest your home.  There is no "online store" or online shopping available. Click here for store locations!  Now Christopher and Banks has larger size clothing available at CJ Banks stores.

Northern Reflections
not necessarily most "modest" as for dresses, but great tops, sweaters and blouses.
you can find feminine and
high quality, outdoorsy clothing

Some of the prettiest and most reasonably priced clothing you'll find online.  View modest women's dresses, skirts & dress clothes online or you can write for a catalogue to be sent to your home. This is not a private, Christian home-based company...  but I recommend it for the modest dresses they offer.

Willow Ridge
a "catalogue" type of site---all types
of clothing, shoes and accessories.

 There are many wonderful magazines, websites and teachers who are so encouraging, but these are a couple of the magazines that I know of that continually encourage modest dress and godly womanhood.

Crowned With Silver and  Keepers At Home
and another wonderful magazine An Encouraging Word

Male and female created HE them...  genesis 1.27 

The Bible describes it as abomination for a man to wear that which pertains to a woman... why would the opposite NOT be abomination to us?

Even the world knows there's a difference.  just look.
universally, the signs for men and women...

(this may change in the very near future)


And finally...

Man looks on the outward and God looks on the heart...
shouldn't what man sees be a reflection of what God is doing in the heart?


Because I am a born again Christiana Christ follower, I do not post all "modest dress" links (and obviously, could not possibly even know about all that are availablegood or bad).  There are modest clothing and beautiful wedding dress sites available that I do not direct link to for the sole reason that I do not knowingly post links for businesses that are not Christianwith a few exceptions (April Cornell, and those who sell "pre-owned" clothing).  There are so many nice looking, well stocked, reasonably priced  "modest clothing" & wedding/prom/formal wear websites on the net that are not ChristianBible believing Christian owned/operated even though they *seem* to be.  Below are sites I am very or reasonably certain to be reliable Christian businesses serving those who seek modest and reasonably priced clothing.  I take very seriously bad reports on businesses and contact business owners when I have an unfavourable report.