Investing In Eternal Treasures
 Glenys Robyn Hicks


Many years ago, I studied Anne Ortlund’s 'Disciplines of The Beautiful Woman' We discussed Anne's ideas at Ladies Bible studies and we decided that apart from a lot of good ideas for us being disciplined in our lives, she was off base regarding our priorities as women. For our priorities are clear in God's Word:


We decided on this in light of Titus 2 and other verses and I think that this is the best way to prioritize our lives. Outside ministries are fine provided that your husband agrees and is supportive of it and that your children and household duties are not neglected. Our biggest ministry is to our own family. We short change them when we are neglectful of them due to over commitment and tiredness. I don't think it honors the LORD for us to give all our energy to others when our marriages may suffer and our children run wild. All because we give the first fruits of our energy and commitment to others. I believe that we should see any form of ministry outside the home as secondary to the ministry of Mother and Wife. If duties are in order at home and your husband is not feeling neglected then I believe you can then engage in outside ministry with a happy heart. Another thing too is that many women do not see the importance of their role as Mother and Wife and feel frustrated in not being able to participate in outside ministry. God has placed us in our calling as wives and mothers simply by the fact that we are wives and/or mothers. We don't have to be discontented looking for other ministries...we have our calling already. I think placing priorities outside the biblical order jeopardizes our happiness in our homes and families.. and you can believe me, even service in ministry can be a lonely experience if you have lost those closest to you. When you put God's priorities in order, He is being served first, second, third, fourth and fifth. He is all in all and in everything you do. Anne is a little off key in my opinion. We need to invest MORE time in our marriages and families, not LESS... and to God will be all the glory when we raise happy children- the future warriors for the LORD and bearers of His name. Enjoy your calling Ladies, you are investing in eternal treasures.        

Glenys Robyn Hicks