This is a very private and extremely important message of encouragement share with you

How to Really Love Your Husband
by Mrs. Sharon Hockenbury 

It can be a challenge letting the Lord work out all the delicate parts of family relationships. In my own life, instead of focusing on my husband and his faults, I really ask the Lord to help me minister to him in EVERY WAY. There is an author that interviewed many husbands. Their responses were basically the same. "We are pretty simple creatures with really basic needs." To be FED and SEX. Now, I know that is blunt...but when their basic needs are met, it seems the Lord opens their hearts to his ways. I have another friend whose husband watches a lot of T.V. She went in one night with a robe and nothing else. She stood in front of the T.V, opened her robe and asked if he wanted to come and watch T.V. with her. He could not find the remote fast enough. We need to lure our men sometimes. When at the computer, rub his shoulders, kiss his ear, tell him you are waiting for him. You begin to talk his language and God will do a miracle. I hope this isn't to forward for some of you...but it seems some times the practical aspects of
marriage a drowned out by the Spiritual and they are interlinked.

Speaking of practical, when women get into the mode of finding fault with their husbands, especially after they have had some "revelation" they picked up from the latest book on the Christian Market, there is a spiritual block that goes up. What ends up happening is a further distancing in relationship. When a husband feels loved unconditionally, it can do wonders. As we draw our husbands with our LOVE and not our EXPECTATIONS, I really believe God begins to work.

I have a friend that has cried out to God..."when will he change" etc. and so on. God spoke to her and said, "When your LOVE is MATURE." It is easy to forget that we as wives are in the PROCESS also. We really need to guard our hearts from pride, thinking we know more, are more spiritual, have a greater vision that our husbands. I know this is a hot topic, but I have been married 25 years and am beginning to see some incredible things happen in my home, and it is NOT because I held my husband accountable, it is because I am finally learning to LOVE HIM the way HE needs to be loved, appreciating all the hard work he does so I can be at home....join e-mail lists, have friends, get vision, train the children and flooding him with gratitude and joy...for WHO HE IS...and not some image I dream up in my head.

I LOVED Debi Pearl's book, "Created To Be His Help Meet".  She goes into incredible biblical detail about the whys and then adds practical stories for the How's!!  To get a book you can go to:  

Sharon Hockenbury