'How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace.'
Romans 10.15

Precious are the Feet

 Fear not, My Child for this path is straight,

With guidance wrought through prayer and faith…

For I formed your feet in the secret place

To fashion a daughter, one filled with grace,

A witness to all of strong character and love,

A reflection of My own Son above.

These feet though a pain to you

Will show My love to those who never knew

The sacrifice I made for them

To become free men and born-again.

For precious indeed are the feet

That spread My Word to all they meet.

A trial indeed for the moment you'll see

Will bring healing to you

And many to Me.

a poem for precious Kathryn, 
written by Glenys Robyn Hicks ~ January  2004



August 2003---  Home from the doctor... pleased with the results of the surgery and so grateful to God for the things He has done.   Kathryn now has the task of slowly trying to bear full weight on her feet---learning to walk with straight feet.   What a blessing it was to see the x-rays this morning.  X-rays tell the story.  The smile and the beautiful music tells the story of a heart yielded to the LORD.  There's really nothing more to add today... my heart is overflowing with gratitude to our gracious LORD.


"...How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things."  Romans 10.15

Two more surgeries would follow the first two surgeries that each required 8 weeks in a wheelchair or on crutches, no walking on the cast..  The two subsequent surgeries required 3 weeks each in a walking cast following the surgery to remove the screws and pins from her feet.  It was a very long process and journey for her.

We thought the wiring of her toe looked like a fish--an ichthus
in the x-ray.  It was very symbolic to us that the LORD watched
over her and provided for each step of the way---from the surgery
through the recovery and beyond.  God is only good.

March 23, 2004  Our Kathryn made the cutest cookies yesterday... she used my butter cookie recipe, prepared and shaped into little feet onto which she piped little toes and squiggles with thin white icing.  Some of the feet looked like there were little screws in them or incisions. (You'd have to know about the surgery to get it!---and they didn't look bad!)  Anyway, we took them, some pictures and cards of thanks to her doctor.  I intend to remember him every Spring as the anniversary of her first surgery and to give thanks for the gift the LORD gave her through him.  I wanted him to have a pic and copy of Glenys's poem and a pic of her with him last year.


Here are pics of the cookies Kathryn baked to take to the doctor on the
one year anniversary following her surgery.  She made several of each: 
"before feet" and "mending feet" and "finished feet"


My deepest thanks and gratitude to the LORD for His unfailing love, His mercy and tender care.  We praise Him for the unfathomable blessing of this precious daughter, for her life and all the many ways she brings such joy to us and to others and glory to God.  We thank Him for caring for her through the years of painful walking and the embarrassment her feet were to her throughout her life---and yet, she never complained or resented her condition to us or to the LORD.  Her acceptance, her countenance and attitude was and has been remarkable and humbling to us.  We can only praise the Living LORD for His work in and through her---for the great joy she's brought us and the ways God has used her has been an inspiration to us all.  Praise the LORD for His mighty acts, for His mercy and lovingkindness.


Kathryn's life verse...
 Thou hast beset me behind and before,
and laid thine hand upon me.
Psalm 139.5