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Jinja - Another week in Photographs- 2008  Photos from trip to a remote Village

a glimpse of Kathryn's life in Jinja...
In addition to working regularly at the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja, Kathryn has recently gone to other remote villages to take food and clothing and when possible to communicate, the Word of God.

These photos are of a day of feeding Massesi children in a village near Jinja, Uganda


These young women assist in the weekely feeding of 300 children.

They feed the children the beans (as you see Kathryn serving in the photo above) and tortillas which they tear in half to distribute to everyone there.


This little boy is wanting juice for his siblings.

At holly's AIDS orphanage

And then back at the home where Kathryn is living... there is a new puppy.  O my.


And one more of Kathryn's special, little favourite: Weiss... learning to write his name.

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