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Jinja - Another week in Photographs- 2008       Photos from the Massesi village 4.10.08
And here's another glimpse of Kathryn's life in Jinja
These photos were taken during a trip to a village where
they were told that there had not been a visit by a white
person in thirty years.  As a gift of love and appreciation
for their visit, Kathryn was given a chicken... the story
of the gift is in her March 28th letter

around the world,
little girls are all just the
same... want to look pretty.

The children in that village
had never seen a white
skinned person before.


This woman asked Kathryn to take
her little sister home as their parents
had died and she wanted her sister to
have a better life with the Mzungo.

touching the Mzungo... and the heart of the
Mzungo... was so touched by their love.

Kathryn asked the Lord to bless the food -
she receives and eats what is set before her. 
This is the meal that was offered to
share between Josh, Julie and Kathryn.

 When Kathryn came back to the cottage with her 'pet' chicken, the house girl, Christine, said they must kill it and have it for dinner. Kathryn was then informed that *she* would have to be the one to kill the chicken.  So... armed with a dull kitchen knife, Kathryn killed the chicken with the help of Christine and they ate the chicken for dinner.  "Was it good?" mama asked Kathryn, "No," Kathryn replied,  "But it was a blessing because it was such an incredible gift of love..."

"My poor Chicken"

"Killing Col. Sanders."

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