A sister feeling under attack for the Bible version she was reading---

I know what you mean about feeling 'condemned to hell' for reading versions or perversions of the Bible. I used to feel that way as well... especially when attending an independent-Independent Baptist Church pastored by a red hot Preacher who preached simple sermons such as: Turn or Burn. I began to read about translations and waded through debates... I began to see for myself the intrinsic value of the Received Text[s] from which the KJV is taken. Of course they are rightly called translations because you and I would not be able to read them were they to have remained in the original text. Check for yourself by reading parallel Scriptures and see how the niv (in particular) and others are deliberately distorted or revised or worse with deleted text. You will see place after place where a word or words are changed or deleted unnecessarily or the contextually the meaning have been altered.
I think this has come up before and so for the sake of not repeating myself, I will suggest that you get a hold of a copy of The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills---you can further research this www.books@oldpathspublications.com  and other books of interest would include Final Verdict by William Grady, or check other sites... www.chick.com/bc/1995kingjamesbible.asp ; www.wayoflife.com ; or www.av1611.org/kjv/logsdon/html . Or you could also read Which Bible, by David Otis Fuller. It would be narrow of me to send this list without giving you some great opposition by the likes of Robert Nguyen Cramer and the extensive studies on Bible texts... that address would be www.bibletexts.com/kjvtexts.htm . (This 'un'll get ya goin'---I assure you.)

The thing I think it always comes down to, is this: is the Bible off limits to Satan and his evil devices?
You may not have time to read through the endless commentaries---you know what Solomon said about books, yes? The deeper answer to your question may be found in Ecclesiastes 12.12-13.


pamela spurling 2001


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