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O, to be A Faithful Christian Wife

I was reading some different articles and a thought struck me: how will I be remembered?   And then I was mulling over some more aspects of this— I don’t know what first sparked line of thinking, but it’s led me to reflect on the life of a precious sister in the LORD who has dedicated her life to her husband and family – most notably and obviously in the recent years of her husband’s complete physical disability.  Then, the other day when our son drove off to school I was standing on the porch wondering what I’d ever done for him and if I’d remembered to tell him this thing or teach him that thing; I couldn’t, at that time, recall a significant thing I’d done to help him---everything seemed so incomplete.  And then, my husband had some appointments and some things to do and I wondered am I doing all I can for him––am I truly a help meet, or fitted, for him?  Then I had to decide to move on from all this wallowing and reflection and get busy.  I needed to look well to the ways of my household for the idle hands weren’t helping the mind to “think on these things” of the Word.  I continued to mull over the thoughts and sift them through Scripture as I worked. 

She was a faithful Christian wife.

I looked up that phrase through a Google search and you know what came up? Yes, hundreds of links – links to obituaries.  You know the sort that start out something like, “We’ll never forget, Dorothy (or insert your own name here),  as she was such a good woman –a good mother and she was… She was a faithful Christian wife.  So that’s the eulogy, that’s the obituary, but what about the life?  What was it or what did she do to demonstrate that or warrant that tribute and those accolades?
That description, “She was a faithful Christian wife,” is full of significance as each of the words carry a very important meaning and charge.

Faithful,  Christian, Wife and, Was.  She was.  That means that at another time she might well have been talked about or introduced: she IS a faithful Christian wife.   Not just she is a wife, or she is a Christian, or she is faithful, but: she IS a faithful…Christian…wife.

O, to be today: a faithful Christian wife.

What does the Word say to us wives about the faithfulness of a faithful wife.  Let’s think about a few verses and the deep importance and significance of faithfulness and what it looks like.

One of the significant measures is how her husband sees her or what he thinks of her:

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her…”
 –Proverbs 31.11 

And what does she do to earn that trust?

 “She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” 
–Proverbs 31.12 

This sort of “doing him good” comes from faith and we know that faith is a gift of God.  This woman isn’t faithful because her husband loves her, he loves her because she is faithful.  She’s not remembered as a faithful wife because she told others she was faithful, she’s remembered as being faithful because her life demonstrated faith-a faith that was visible-a faith other could see.  She’s remembered as a wife with that description: faithful, because she was seen as both loyal to God and loyal to her husband.  Otherwise she just might have been remembered as a nice woman, a hard worker, a good cook, etc., etc.  But something about her –her character, her behaviour and her dedication to her husband influenced that description: “a faithful Christian wife.”

That must mean that there’s much more to her life than simply what her husband thinks of, or thought of, her…

What do others see in her or about her?  Her words and behaviour tell a lot about what she thinks of her husband… this is what others see.  When a woman looks well to the ways of her household, we needn’t look far to see the qualities that are demonstrated in the life and work of a “faithful Christian wife.”  From the Proverbs we learn important homekeeping guidelines and it’s where we can glean some gems… gems of great value: far above rubies — qualities of bringing, giving, extending, reaching, seeking, making, rising up, looking well, etc.   It may be that we didn’t receive or follow training in our childhood or schooling—many of us didn’t have models of true homemaking—but we see the loving LORD has provided us examples of what we need, what we can learn to do and what we can strive to accomplish in the life we have today.  Above all, we see the imperative of faith and fear of the LORD.  We see that this “faithful Christian wife” is looking well to the ways of her household— she doesn’t give into dread and anxiety.  She’s been working diligently to know the ways of her home and has looked around, behind and ahead for what is needed for her home and family… and in doing so, the sweet result is that the heart of her husband safely trusts in her. 

Strength and honour are her clothing;
and she shall rejoice in time to come.
Proverbs  31.25

That’s the kind of woman who is eulogized as a faithful Christian wife.  Those words are the fruit of her hands… and she’s praised in the gates.

 How will you be remembered?

©A Christian Home ~ Letters To My Sisters ~ 2007





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