What’s It All About?

I receive letters from women wondering: What it’s all about?  What is the “it” that they’re wondering about?  The “it” is: this life, this way of life, all this stuff, all the dailies and all the work.  The “it” that they’re asking about is all wrapped up in a word: motherhood.  Motherhood is many things… it’s prayer, faith, marriage, homemaking, childbearing, training, waiting – life.   What is it all about for the mother at home – the mother who, day in and day out, seeks to make it through, seeks to get it right: anything – something –  done right, done well enough, done fast enough.  But day after day, mothers don’t get enough things done and don’t get things done right – but other women are getting them done right… or so they think.  So, then, what’s it all about?

Well… it’s all about whatever it is at the time.  It’s all about now.  When you have babies, it’s all about nursing, and diapers and bedding; it’s all about carrying, holding, feeding, napping and snuggling – and trying to get it all done.  When you have toddlers it’s all about training and guiding, teaching and watching – and trying to get it all done.  In both of these, mothers ask: What’s it all about? 

When you have babies and toddlers and olders you’re trying to do all of those things and more.  Probably even comparing yourself with other women you think have it all together and are getting it all done.  And you’re seeing the need for more order, teaching and training and planning for all the tomorrows of the children’s lives, and at the same time – still trying to get it all done; still asking:  What’s it all about? and wondering if you’ll possibly ever get it all done.

When you have older children… things begin to take on a new perspective.  You have many days behind you with tasks undone.  You see that you’ll never get it all done – a you may even begin to experience a bit of relief that simply getting it all done is no longer a question or a goal---O, you may still wonder what it’s all about or what this next phase is all about, but the getting it all done will likely be less of an issue.  After a while you may get to the point where you simply seek to get done what the LORD has put before you to do for that day – for you begin to learn that that’s enough for the day and tomorrow will take care of the things of that day.  It sort of goes along with the answer to fretting over what we’ll eat or what we’ll wear:

Matthew 6.33-34 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.   Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself…”  

When the question comes to your mind (and it, no doubt, will creep in from time to time)  “what’s it all about?”  I hope you’ll look back to this moment, this letter and remember it as a turning point.  For the answer is: now.  It’s all about: now.  It’s all about whatever is going on at the time.  You know, these days are what will later be recalled as: the good old days.  These are the “good old days” for you, they’re “the good old days” for your children and the youth of the next generation will hear about these: good old days.  So, if we’re wearied with the daily-ness of each day and if the small inconveniences of life irritate us or the work wearies us and cause us depression or dissatisfaction, then we’re actually missing out on “the good old days.”  We’re missing out on the: now.

I remember some days long ago where I thought I was missing out; I thought the world was passing me by.  And I was, and it was.  I was missing out on the running around with friends, the buying clothes and the hanging out.  The world was passing me by.  Some days I didn’t see that as the blessing it truly was.  I didn’t see it as the protection it really was, and I surely didn’t see it as the provision it truly was.  You know, God in His marvelous mercy was sparing me so much loss, so much heartache and so much emptiness.  But I surely didn’t see it at the time.  No, at the time I thought I was so “out of it,” and so backward.  I thought everyone was having fun while I was stuck at home… under a pile of laundry, diapers and maternity clothes, Lego’s, Cheerios, and cheering on the newly potty-trained, playing peek-a-boo with baby and on and on.  I was missing out on the now with my, What’s it all about? and,  Is this all there is? Questions (and moanings). 

I was seeing motherhood as a task to accomplish, something to finish in order to move on to the next thing.  I didn’t know the answer to the: What’s it all about? question and I didn’t know that motherhood isn’t a task to be finished.  But, O, am I grateful to be learning that Motherhood is a series of seasons and is wherever you’re at now.  Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts and blessings a woman could ever hope or imagine to experience.  It’s all your yesterday’s – it’s all your now’s.   

What’s it all about?  It’s all about now.   Live, love, learn, laugh, linger… now.  These are the good old days.

©A Christian Home ~ Letters To My Sisters ~ 2007





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