Safari in Uganda
The view from Kathryn's lens

the sunrise on the Nile...


Driving to Murchison

I couldn’t decide if the fact that the van had a roll-cage freaked me out or made me feel safe! J  Also, for our comfort and safety, our guide carried a rifle.  I thought that it was in case of animal attack, but I found out later that a stray bullet, fired by rebels, hit a man traveling through the same area about a month ago.  Interesting…"

The warthog that kept hanging around our tent ...

Safari Sunrise

Murchison Falls




The Hungry, Hungry Hippo game will never play the same again...

Hey.. cuties...

and the little Crocs rubber shoes we wear?  Never the same...


how about a dip in the river?


Typical Market;    ...buying a pineapple and, yes, that is a chair she's pushing on her bicycle!"

Views of Kampala

typical... Kampala"

 Joy & K

Caitlin and K

Julie and K

A few more before the day is over...

Typical public restroom"

something dead"

a wild ride"

More pictures will likely be added in time... but for now...
this is a brief overview of some of Kathryn's experiences
 in Uganda. Experiences she wouldn't have missed for anything.

And a new day dawns on the Nile...  and more stories are being written...

This is a map of Uganda and the places Kathryn mentions in her letters.  You can see Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile, Jinja, Kampala and the location of these safari pictures.  It's been a remarkably rewarding blessing for her to be there, to experience the joy and provision of the LORD, to grow in grace and understanding of Him and His great love.  We, as her parents, are blessed beyond measure by the life of this precious daughter.  Thank you for your encouragement and we hope you have been blessed by her time there as well.



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