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Household Time Planning, Organizing and More!

One thing I have very much enjoyed over the years is my notebook-planner/organizer. In it I keep every single piece of important information, dates, notes, requests and some study journals, addresses, numbers, etc. I used to use simple pages from office supply stores, and then several years ago my husband bought the beautiful organizer pages from Grace Works... I found that the beautiful pages encouraged me to *use* the planner.   In time, I found that other pages work well for me also.  Along with several other sites (I've used or currently use), here is the address for their  website... it is as beautiful as the pages and planners they offer:

The beautiful GraceWorks website                          
This is a Christian company that's been in business for many years.  Much more than just "planners and organizers" for you and your home.

And the other organizer/planner pages I use:

  1. At a Glance Day Planners, etc.   ---My personal favourite along with the GraceWorks Planner Pages!
    Since I do not use a "Palm Pilot" or other electronic devices for calendar / notebook / note taking, etc., etc.  I use a binder.   I like to just open the book and take a look!  I don't like small screen stuff., so...  I use a (half sheet) 3-ring leather binder that contains several types of pages.  At A Glance has what I consider to be the nicest "contacts" pages... room for personal information and many lines for family info - this is where I note birthday's, anniversaries, and other pertinent information... see, it's all: at a glance!
  2. Dayrunner ---Organizers, planners, & refills    --- I buy these filler pages at our local variety store.  The pages are thick and beautiful and not so "business" looking.  Homemaking is serious business... but it doesn't have to look industrial.    Beautility... that's what I look for in products I use in our home.  Is it useful? Is it beautiful?  When it's both, the product has beautility.  I think you'll like the page varieties.  (Pages fit three ring / half sheet also)
  3. Day Timer  ---This site would appeal more to the business man --- ( imnsho) Organizers, planners, and refills

  4. The Franklin Planner 
    (These pages are designed to fit the multi-ring binder but also fit the three-ring notebooks.)  
  5. Newell Office

  6. Organize Your World...   just as the name implies!

  7. The Busy Woman Daily Planner
          Helpful  planners and refills to organize a  woman's life

And last,  but certainly not least:  Sterilite  (My very favourite plastic stuff---next to the Iris rolling carts!!)
                         High-quality storage containers for organizing your home or office!


    Fun Stuff for your Computer

    1. E-Sword Bible Program - I have this program on my computer and it's sure saved a great deal of time in finding Scriptures to print and post.
    2. Several months ago I downloaded the *Bible Planner,* which allows me to keep a neat calendar with Scripture verses, hymns and many other features, including a fun Bible Challenge you and your family will enjoy.
    3. ---it turns your cursor into what ever emblem you choose from the extensive list! It is so fun! I ignore the ones I wouldn’t care for or wouldn’t be appropriate... it’s a clever thing! I chose the light pink rose and so, now, when I move the mouse, I see a pretty rose instead of an arrow... just another way to add a touch of beauty to your life. Isn’t that so neat!?!?
    4. Here is another idea I have shared with you in the past that you can use on your computer.... It’s *loaded* with *great* things for your desktop! You might want to try

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